How To Choose Life Long Protection For Your Family

How To Choose Life Long Protection For Your Family

Happy FamilyI’m an outdoors man. Love it. The cool air, nature, animals, rough terrain… It just gets my blood flowing. With this passion comes a great deal of risk. I won’t try to play the tough guy here. As I consider my life choices, I must also consider my family. As much as I value my time outdoors, my family is my most valued asset. Therefore, it is extremely wise that I protect them with a life insurance policy. Life insurance was for a long time an enigma to me. My parents didn’t have any and my firs insurance agent didn’t tell me about it. My only exposure was from insurance commercials, which mostly catered to the elderly. So, I took it upon myself to do some online research and to check with my agent at Virginia Insurance Services. My agent was really helpful and actually used our conversation to write a blog post on why Life Insurance is important. Check it out!

I took notes during our conversation and turned them into a helpful post. I hope this demystifies some if life insurance as it did for me. If you have any questions, shoot me a note or contact your insurance agent. This isn’t something we should ignore. Certainly not because we don’t understand it, as I did not for many years. All at the risk of my family. This article is full of lots of wonderful suggestions, ideas and recommendations for the way you use life insurance it, purchase it and get the best bargain in your location. Make some coffee, set up on the patio, read on and soak up the info, you’ll be glad you did.

Review Your Policy

Review your life insurance plan completely prior to closing the deal. Ensure that you are aware of that insurance lingo like exclusions, inclusions, discounts, no settlement for loss of life. If you don’t understand something, ask your agent. If they refuse to answer or cannot answer, perhaps another agent may be the best solution. WIf you don’t properly review your policy and get the correct coverage, you could leave your family members at risk when you die.

How to Get A Policy

Get your life insurance insurance policy by way of an independent agent as opposed to directly from a captive agent. Independent agents have access to multiple companies and often times can provide you with a range of competing quotes. This leads to agents that better represent your wants and desires. Captive agents work for one company and usually serve the company over the customer. You definitely want to work with someone that has your best interest at heart. However, fiscal advisers are paid for a smooth cost.

Understand How Your Agent Gets Paid

Again, be sure you are comfortable with your agent. You definitely do not want to commit your loved ones care to someone you do not trust. Personally, I like to find out how the agent gets paid. I want to know if they are making more money by selling me a particular policy. That’s why I do this.

Has this information been helpful to you? Life insurance coverage isn’t simply for folks with plenty of debts, or those who have a lot of money. It’s for everyone. Especially those of us that love our families and love to roam around the wilderness. Don’t put this off any longer. Do more research and find out what kind of life insurance plans suit you and your family. I hope you find more peace in life knowing your family is protected. I know I did.

Say Goodbye to Gas Forever! Power Your Car With Water

hydro fuelGas Prices are absolutely skyrocketing and it doesn’t seem like they will slow anytime soon. As soon as fuel prices go up, everything usually go up in price, also. Clearly cutting back on gas is good for the environment, well it’s good for the pocketbook too. Admitting that we can’t drive the price of gas down on our own, we must admit defeat. The only alternative is to figure a way to stop using it. We are able to save simply by not driving as much or check out other driving alternatives. Another great way is to ditch gas in favor of water.

There is a growing movement in converting cars to operate with just water in the tank. With innovations in water-power technologies, the cost of driving can be cut nearly half. Working with something other than gas should certainly appeal to all of us that want to see a better environment for our family, home, and our lakes. As you run your vehicle on water, you may wonder why it took you so long to even try it out. It’s really up to us if we are going to stick with the status quo or make a real change. You will no longer need to be concerned about filling your vehicle up with pricey fuel.

There is a hug benefit in using water to keep your car on the road. It is not that difficult to convert your car and it can be achieved by yourself by following conversion guides on the internet. Some are better than others so make sure you trust the source. The cost to transform might set you back $200 but if it doesn’t turn out, you can simply remove it. Will you attempt to live the environmentally friendly way, but have a hard time with some of the biggies?

You really should give it a shot and change your car from a gas guzzler to a hybrid. The cost to put it together will pay for itself within weeks. Think of the choice of paying $4 or more for a gallon of gas, or driving mile after mile on only a few ounces of tap water. You could be wondering why it is that are major manufacturers are not building water-powered cars. At the same time, it’s possible you’ll wonder why more people aren’t converting. What’s the real story here?

With the growing trend to replace gasoline powered engines, it really is time to take a serious look at const effective ways to convert your engine.

Having Insurance Does Pay Off!

saving cashGoing green is my passion. I live it, breath it…hey, I bleed green! As we all know, going green is not always the cheapest way to live, but it does pay off in the long run. That’s why I love…love, love, love saving money in other areas so I can reinvest in my green projects.

So let me share a scary story that had a happy ending! And by happy, I mean cash in my pocket that I can poor into my next conservation adventure!

When I bought my first house, I lived on the coast and had to have a Virginia home insurance policy. My agent was great and convinced me to package an auto policy with the home. Seemed like good savings up front. Anyway, I’ve been paying insurance on an automobile for nearly 20 years, without a single issue. I was beginning to think it was a useless waste of money. Then last month after going that long without ever having an incident with a car, I side-swiped another vehicle while trying to make it through a yellow light. AH!

Of course, I was mortified. The people in the other car were okay, but since it was all my fault, I felt really terrible and had to face the consequences. My insurance covered almost all of it, thankfully. While it’s nice to finally get some of my money back, I really wish the monthly fees were not as high as they are.

However, I do acknowledge that having insurance pays off. I did not have to spend any money out of my pocket, and I was able to get my car fixed at the same time. There are many benefits to have insurance that I had completely ignored in the past.

I do realize now the importance of having insurance for any property I own, such as my house, car, bike, and so on. I know that I am protected against any accident I might have in the future.

Go Green and Be Great

go green and be greatLets face it, we like lakes. Because we like lakes so much, it is inevitable that we will want to live as close to them as possible. Fighting neighborhood developments is never going to be a winning cause. And frankly, I do not think that it is always appropriate. We should be a able to enjoy life by America’s lakes. I suggest that we be smarter about how we develop neighborhoods by using eco friendly home building strategies.

There is a lot to learn when landing a home. It can be frustrating when you consider creating your own eco friendly home. Understanding just where to break ground and how you can maximize your investment in a green home can be awfully difficult. The advice on this page can be a great resource to help you get started on your green home project.

Try simple replacements like filters made of organic fabrics rather than synthetics in your HVAC units. Or, use solar sunshades in order to block powerful sun in the summer and retain hear on the inside in the winter. These kinds of replacements are not only more eco friendly, they will reduce your electricity bills.

This may seem like common sense, but it is not a habit that everyone has, simply shut down home appliances if you aren’t using them. My dad always made sure that when we left a room, we shut down computers, turned off televisions, and cut off lights. It seems like a pain, but let me make a suggestion. Get a power strip with a built in surge protector. This will protect your electronics and give you one switch to control all your appliances.

Solar powered energy is the best way to get very hot water. Harvest the power of the sun to heat water and power other devices.  When choosing solar energy sources for your lake side home, be sure to understand the total hours of sunshine in your location. This will help you budget for supplemental energy in darker months.

It can be hard to find out which natural energy sources work very best for your eco friendly project. Some of the advice posted above is already well known and well tested. If you are looking for a stable home, research proven methods. If you are of the pioneering type, there are plenty of new green technologies to try out.